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Sunday, March 25, 2007

The man who would be king

Mar distance: 410 km

To Mount Faber and Holland Village, 66 km. I'm nudged off the podium at the King of the Mountain (KOM) race. I'm fourth, the same as my race number. Still, I'm a pretender to the throne: KOMM (the last "m" being "mtb" since the top three are on road bikes.) Some guys who start later have their times messed up as they're slowed down by buses disgorging tourists. I'm ahead of a guy on a full carbon monocoque road bike including carbon aerobars - and an N95 mask. On the way home, I see a man lying chest down on the grass. He says he's been robbed and lost everything including passport and air ticket. I accompany him to a police station, where he stops crying and becomes more coherent. "God bless you", he says. Yeah, God bless me; with the peat fires at work, I need that. I stop by a bikeshop to look at bags. As today is race day, my wallet is already light.

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