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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Banking on trouble

To Mount Faber, 52 km. This week is like last week. At work, there's still heavy fire. And another banking fiasco. I wait an hour at bank #1, only to be told I should go to bank #2. At the latter, there's another 1,000 places ahead of me (based on queue number). Someone helps me before I become a fossil and says bank #1 is the place to go. Today, I do my five non-stop laps up Mount Faber, like last Sunday. And like last week, I notice the little things. At an Indian restaurant, I'm given a banana leaf big enough for two. The rice served is enough for two too. There's an Indian show on TV, which brings back pleasant memories of India. Today, I could've been maimed / killed twice by overtaking cars but I live to tell the tale. Unlike the little kitten that's splayed on all fours, with blood oozing from it's mouth.

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