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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Action vs intention

To Changi, 65 km. Today is the last, official training ride before the Bike and Blade Charity ride next week. I volunteer to help in the training and am assigned to look after some kids from a welfare organisation which the ride is raising funds for. One kid doesn't even make it out of East Coast Park. Another completes the ride, but swerves from side to side from time to time. At the start of the ride, a warning is given that anyone who fails to follow instructions will be dropped from the ride. So, is the kid testing me? I draw beside him. His silent face tells me the full story. He's pooped, and isn't swerving on purpose. While the action is the same, the intention is not what I'd imputed to him. Far from being a trouble maker, his good character shows as he pushes himself along the way.

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