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Sunday, January 18, 2004

Here we go again

Jan distance travelled: 346 km

To Changi, 71 km. For the third ride in a row, I head for Changi. The difference is, today's ride has people from the past two weekends. There are roadies today. We cycle wheel to wheel. Some of them take turns to lead. As a parasite, I draft, until I find myself reining back to avoid having my nose in the lead rider's butt. I break away. On the other side of the road, roadies streak by, including a group identically dressed in red and white. I've never ever seen so many roadies before, not even during runway cycling. On my side of the road, I overtake every other rider in sight ... until a roadie appears alongside. I switch back to parasite mode. He notices me but seems content to let me sit on his tail.

Tech note I go to a few bikeshops to check out tyres after I see my front tyre flat on Fri night. A tiny grain of sand had lodged itself in one of the several tyre cuts. I want something that can go fast but doesn't wear out fast. I find something I like, but it doesn't come in a pair.

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