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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Six surprises

Choa Chu Kang, 73 km
1. I get up early Sunday morning when it's still dark to cycle, instead of my usual dusk ride. This is training for this month's charity ride.
2. Some roadies pass me, I tail them one at 45 km/h. I think that's fast, until another peloton hurtles past.
3. W, the usual sweeper who said he isn't coming, shows up.
4. Minutes after we start the ride, we stop for breakfast. For almost an hour.
5. There is a 25% no show rate. We don't need me to sweep. I'm the sweeper with a sweeper! So, I break off and go home.
6. A monster passes me by. It is a dragon on wheels, perhaps over 30 tyres. Its speed limit decal declares 20 km/h. 35, 41, 48 … at 54 km/h, it still pulls ahead of me. I've never cycled so fast on fat tyres before, have I?

On the way home, I see two "pelotons" of grey warbirds roar low in the sky. I later find out it's the airforce's 45th anniversary.

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