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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The journey, not just the destination

Feb distance: 339 km

Sat 23 - Sun 24 Feb
Desaru, 104 km. I help N with a cycling class. I'm the "gofer" who helps carry bicycles, bicycle pump, bags, water, even a DVD player. I get a few tips too - not the money kind, but advice from instructor K, and try out a new trick - how to pick up a bottle on the ground while cycling. If one is not careful, one ends up on the ground. This isn't a useful skill in itself, but to do it, one must have the requisite bicycle-handling skills. So, it's not the destination (bottle picking), but the journey (bicycle-handling) that's the essence. If you just want to reach the destination, you haven't arrived. If you want the journey too, you're on the way to the destination. I have other fun on Day 1, cycling off-road (in slippers!) and riding off-road by the main road, going uphill on Day 2. The students seem to have learnt some things from me too (about cycling, not just the existence of "maggi mee goreng"). I learn how to run a marathon from one of them. And enjoy conversations in the van to and from Singapore.

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