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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

On trial

Feb distance: 237 km

To Old Upper Thomson Road, 27 km. The road is wet from rain. Ordinarily, I'd stay home and stay warm. But these aren't ordinary times. I'm under fire and on trial. a) Under fire: I'm under heavy fire at work, with no respite in sight. My flak jacket is shredded; I'm considering coconut husks as stop-gap. b) On trial: there's an individual time trial next month. I've figured out what's needed, so training isn't drudgery any more. Having a goal (and a benchmark - last year's record), I know how to get there. I know what's relevant and what's not, what counts and what doesn't. So I cycle, in my Waveline shorts (a personal first). It rains. But I'm cheery, because I've figured out b). And because, as someone reminds me today, there are "little" things. Like friends who care (actually, this is a big thing!). And little things like having a hot cup of cocoa. We can't always fix the big things (like getting people to accept and apply (b), but the little things are in our grasp.

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