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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Volunteer night (and morn)

To Labrador Park, 53 km. Tonight, there's a barbeque to thank the volunteers who helped at the Kent Ridge race on 23 Jul. The one who did the most cooking: the general manager, who organised the race, the barbeque and now, does the cooking. The food is good - and overwhelming in quantity. The company is varied too; some strangers, some old friends. Just as well it's not my last meal, as a car comes too close when cutting across my lane. The night is not over for me yet, as I cycle to church to handle food and beverage for those praying through the night on the eve of national day. On this day, I think of the men who, well, volunteered in the 1950s to take on the white men and the mantle of national leadership, eventually taking over (and wearing white). Majulah!

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