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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Red hills

Aug distance: 427 km

Sat 26 - Sun 27 Aug:
To Sungei Rengit, Johore, Malaysia, 116 km. Happiness is outdoors, where the jungle is foilage rather than concrete. Where the light is from the sky rather than the ceiling. Where the sound underfoot is the crunch of the earth rather than carpet pile. The last time I went offroad in Johore was with the Fellowship of the Spins in Feb 03. Almost all the fellows are here, including bike leader LCT. He teaches me to hop. His friends and some newbies are with us. I'm impressed by the mother who takes her two teenagers out for the adventure (though they don't join us offroad). It rains and I remember why I hardly go offroad: i dislike cleaning my bicycle. The irony is, there's water where it's not wanted (it rains) but no water where it's wanted (in the hotel). I'm scared riding in a gulley with little room for mistakes as a lorry passes me. I'm disappointed my rather new, branded waterbottle is holed (by a flying stone?). But I'm happy surging up the red hills, taking pictures of cyclists then overtaking them.

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