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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Big wheels, little wheels

To Changi Village, 67 km. Today is the launch of Green Transport Week and it's my first time joining Togopart's brunch ride. The ride is slow, with over 40 cyclists, some of them newbies. Among the faster riders are those on foldable s and little 20" wheels who clock over 50 km/h downhill. I meet two female "big wheels" (celebrities) today: one a senior parliamentary secretary who poses beside me for a group photo and a charity rider who drafts me. I've wanted to cycle with her and it happens at last. So, today I see smaller wheels that go faster than bigger wheels, and smaller-built persons who have more influence than bigger-built ones. It's not always that size matters. But what's inside always matters.
Photo courtesy of CHDennis

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