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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sands of time

To Kent Ridge and East Coast Parkway, 64 km. Cycling makes me younger, which is why I make two newbie mistakes today: one with my clipless pedals (unclip on the right, fall on the left) and the other losing traction on gravel while going uphill. Besides going back in time today, I also make several marks in the sands of time. I'm probably the first person on the Kent Ridge trail, not just on semi-slick tyres but also on a rigid bike. Today is the first time when I'm on a ride where everyone is a race medal winner, with me, the sole guy, having the least wins. I also see a triathlon with my own eyes instead of on TV. And hold a triathlon medal - alas, not mine. If I didn't have bad knees, I'd take part too. Today is also the first time I visit a traditional Chinese medicine clinic, and have acupuncture too, for my bad back. And I cross the 30,000 km mark on a . With all these firsts, a song plays in my head: Madonna's "Like a virgin".

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