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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Glad, sad and mad

To Kent Ridge, 51 km. Today is the first official race at Kent Ridge mountain bike trail, which deserves its reputation as the toughest in Singapore. I volunteer as a road marshall; as some riders pass me, they signal how tough it is; one even does a throat-slitting motion. I'm glad to of some use to them, directing mostly friendly pedestrians out of harm's way, including someone on a wheelchair and another old lady who had to be helped uphill (which makes walking single file difficult). Just standing as a road marshall was strain enough on my back. But I try the route when the race is over, just to see how my back takes it. One lap leaves me drenched in sweat but without a scratch; not even where I last fell. I'm sad I'm not in a position to race. I'm mad as I'd thought other cyclists would look out for their own kind, but the greatest alarm is caused by three non-racing bikers who weave uphill and, at one point, stop to run alongside a competitor.

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