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Saturday, July 08, 2006

A different perspective

To Portsdown Road, 52 km. I got "squashed" at work yesterday. There's so much work, I worked past midnite and still bring work home. Not that anyone knows. I want to sulk at home, but drag myself out on the busy streets where more people are out to knock me down. On a whim, I turn into Little India. Not only is there vehicular traffic, there's foot traffic too. But somehow, I mind it less, since I expected more hazards. A little turn, a different perspective, and the world looks different. It's a different ride tonight too, as I meet some friends on a dinner ride, cruising to Holland Village and Lau Pa Sat for dinner and supper. At the latter, an acrobatic troupe whirls and twirls, achieving amazing feats of balance that cyclists are unable to even dream of.

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