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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rain, man

Jun distance: 635 km

To East Coast Parkway, 65 km. "Rain man" is a movie drama about an idiot savant who's brilliant at some things but not others. "Rain, man" a real life comedy about an idiot in who puts on sunblock and goes cycling even though he knows it'll rain. And rain it does. For over 2.5 hours, we sit, not on our saddles but indoors, waiting for the rain to stop. And when it does, we cycle as slowly as the drizzle. At one point, there are four girls and one guy - me. For a sport where men outnumber women many times, why do the girls outnumber the guys today? Maybe it's because women and being wet go together more naturally. Like in periodic water retention. And for some, water bags.

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