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Sunday, February 08, 2004

The craftsman

To Permas Jaya, Johore, Malaysia, 80 km. I'm here for the first time, thanks to GPS-in-his-head AF, who knows the new roads, old roads and no-roads-it's-mangrove-swamp-there. At Pelentong, we see a craftsman cooking noodles. He dips noodles in hot water, cold water, hot water, cold water, changing the texture and taste of his creation. On the way here, we are ticked off by a patriotic Malaysian for trampling on the grass at a teeny-weeny park.

Tech note Slicks at over 70 psi feel right. Less rolling resistance, faster acceleration, more road buzz. OK for Singapore roads but harsh in Malaysia. At the causeway, I come across the drain covers that caused grief to the legendary Jan Boonstra.

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