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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Magic kingdom

To Sembawang Park, 45 km. I want to ride so badly, I do so during evening rush hour. It's therapeutic; I start smiling even as I leave the carpark. Old Upper Thomson Rd and Kampong Wak Hassan. Two of the few places in Singapore which approximate the magic of cycling in Malaysia. Quiet, winding roads amidst rustic relief. At Upper Pierce Reservoir (which Lee Kuan Yew opened in 1977), the monkeys sprawl all over the road. At Sembawang Park the magic kingdom of Johore lies across the water. The pale moon rises, the sky is streaked with pink clouds.

Tech note Today's ride is 45 km, the distance from the causeway to Kota Tinggi. I try out my new headset and bike jersey. The new glucose powder smells and tastes good. Blackcurrant, mmm. My drivetrain remains cranky. Sometimes it clinks, other times it hums contentedly.

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