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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Gambling on the road

To Changi, 78 km. For the second day running, a driver threatens my life and limb by pulling out suddenly from the roadside. When bikers defy gravity, they gamble with their own lives. When drivers gamble, they gamble with bikers' lives. Drivers shouldn't gamble, but if die-die must gamble, they should gamble with their own lives instead of risking others.

The roadies are out in full force on this rain-swept day, including Wild Cat. They chase each others' tails in their colourful jerseys. I've not seen any roadies in flapping t-shirts, unlike mountain bikers. Nor have I seen roadies in pedestrian mode; Andy D, Z and I check out a big house on a hill (where a wedding shoot is taking place) and the million dollar boardwalk with million dollar views.

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