Cycling is like life. Cycling with no goal is meaningless. What meaning is there cycling in circles? Or living aimlessly? Meaning comes from direction and destination. Join me in my life's journey on a mountain bike :)

Blogging since 2003. Thank you for reading :))



Enthusiastic words written in this blog helped me to enhance my skills as well as helped me to know how I can help myself on my own. I am really glad to come at this platform.
Lawera H, 7 Sep

Nice blog too and seems like you've been to many places.
theexalted, 6 Feb

Great blog you have there! 
Teng, 8 Apr  


Wow, impressive blog and even more impressive cycling!
Megan, 14 Mar 


What a nice trip..awesome
Marius, 10 Jan

Very impressive!
Trek790, 4 Jan


i really enjoyed reading your blog
thewheeldeal, 18 Mar

I read your blogs and those are amazing ...
Marius, 14 Feb


Hi, we have enjoyed reading your blog which we found while researching our ride from Singapore to Phuket ... la.bicyclette.bleue, 5 Dec

To ... horseman who willingly shared his immense wealth of knowledge in overseas riding, here's my utmost appreciation ...
6GHz, 19 Nov

Just visited your blog and was encouraged by your latest post, where you went through a series of unfortunate events on Day 1 of your ride but came through the end of the day grateful that (quoting you) "Bad things happened, but you didn't miss the bus, you didn't lose your keys and you're still functioning" Wise words...
Sam, 2 Sep

Keep writing! You've got a really beautiful writing style.
Sam, 6 May

Awesome stuff you've posted ...
Sam, 4 May

... I stumbled into your blog, which was nothing short of inspirational ...
Lennon, 22 Feb


I chanced upon ur blog and enjoyed it very much:)
Tan G, 5 Sep

Wow! Very inspiring read and I will go back there ...
Carrie, 23 Aug

nice blog, everday will read it when got free time ...
Johnny, 20 Jul

... I enjoyed the writeup on your GM-CH-GM trip, and I love that shot of the long...winding road ...
Nur, 12 Jun

your blog got me engrossed in your passion, compassion and experiences
Lyn, 14 Apr

Impressive cycling :)
Calvin C, 7 Apr


simple and sweet write up there
italianstallion, 6 Dec

just read your blog earlier on, very interesting .... from your perspective
KC, 3 Nov

Good stuff! I continue to enjoy reading these posts
Mabel, 24 Sep

Awesome bro. You've created another masterpiece! Happy cycling and hope we hit the road together, soon!
Vivek C, 17 Aug

... I've been following your blog for a while and I love it -- it is just so fresh and original ...
Tei, 1 Jul

... great stuff from you as usual
Anvil, 15 Apr

I am very impressed! Your passion for cycling is so intense! .. Your blog is really like a travel guide + epiphanies thrown in. Wow... I'm really overwhelmed.
Kelly L, 7 Apr

Salute yr biking adventures man!
Fiona L, 13 Jan

New home, King Kev...entertaining as always!!! :-D
Vivek C, 12 Jan


...w'rides for the soul again! Philosophy of life's perspectives as seen through the eyes of cyclist-writer ... Do compile and publish a book for posterity! Our lives would be all the richer for it!
Jeannie L, 6 Dec

Read yr Timor race blog. Nice reflections.
Laura L, 13 Sep

... good stuff!
HY Chin, 13 Sep

... what a fan I am of your blog ... It's been a great treat to read the fantastic accounts of your bike adventures.
Sidney L, 10 Sep

I read your bikelog. Very Nice ...
Lee CC, 15 Aug

... Still reading your blog from time to time, especially when the afternoon gets a bit dreary and I'm longing for a ride ...
Mike T, 10 Jul

... damn cool lar ur expeditions ...
Melvin L, 7 Jul

Yr solo trip sounds really fun! I enjoyed reading your account ...
Al L, 30 Jun

... I might have come across your blog or website once or twice. Very entertaining read!
Joe A, 23 Jun

Wo! looks like you are a hardcore cyclist after going thru your website. I envy those times you have with mother earth ...
TS Chua, 28 Apr

i enjoyed your blog on your recent trip ...
Eric K, 27 Feb

You are a real inspiration. I have to constantly remind myself not to be caught up with hardware & gears but to just get on it & pedal ... I admire your passion for the simple 2 wheels adventures. Thanks for sharing.
CK Chan, 23 Jan

Congrats on another successful expedition Horseman, and double congrats on cycling the circumference of the earth on your bike (40,075km) :)
sabaisabai, 2 Jan


... Thanks for the website. It was very useful :)
Ganesh S, 6 Sep

Like the philosophical thinking behind all the rides. Riding is like meditation, helps the disturbed mind break through cyclical bad thoughts
RebelXH, 31 Aug

Been visitng your website for some time... amazing log of your rides.
SG, 2 Aug

... website is most impressive, you truly are a hard core cyclist with such impressive mileage.
Alvin L, 30 Jun

blog is nicely put up
missygeri, 16 Jun

i have always admired your blog ...
Vivek C, 14 Apr


Great blog, one which I turn to when I need some inspiration to ride!!!
Vinod R, 6 Jul

Despite so many of years of riding in S'pore, you are still able to locate very nice places in this tiny island that most didn't notice about. I enjoy really your 2007 entries. Full of inspiring places and stories ...
Gentle Giant, 14 Mar

Fan mail in Haiku form
I smile as I read
The poetic rider's words
About life on wheels
Dora Y, 22 Feb

... your log is something that comes from your heart and from it I can see some of your character flowing through those few sentences ...
RebelXH, 21 Feb

... Found your blog finally after hearing all the great stuff the rest were saying about it. ...
George S, 30 Jan

hi! found ur blog extremely interesting to read, especially your overseas trips ...
Yeong WK, 7 Jan

... I've read your posting of your cycling event from Phuket to Bangkok. I say you are damn solid being able to deal with the issues during the journey. Respect, dude!
Maskrider, 4 Jan


I started reading bits of your bikeblog out of curiosity ... now I think I will read further. :-) You are a vivid writer ....almost compelling by yr sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant accounts. Thanks for sharing your passion in helps me gain insights into why you guys (n gals) do the stuff u do!
Ivy L, 30 Aug

You're supposed to be my inspiration to ride and ride and ride ... so you're not allowed to clock such low mileage recently or this year! C'mon, bud! Work really getting to you, is it?
Chwee, 30 Aug

you must be really overworked, first time I see you got the date in your bikelog wrong. There isn't a 34 July.
Phoebe L, 2 Aug

... always enjoyed reading your bike log and stories. you do write very well. like your cycle thoughts especially ...
Tan KL, 1 Aug

Very interesting. I'm from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. If you are ever in the neighbourhood, give me a buzz and we could ride together ...
Brendon L, 12 Jun

Really enjoyed reading your bike log and feeling inspired to ride more. Keep it up!
Michael T, 7 Jun

... super blog ... always a pleasure to read.
Vivek C, 6 Jun

Bikelog is great and an inspiration ...
Don G, 6 Jun

It's A W E S O M E. It made me laugh ;-D smile :) and think your blog is so good that you compile your blog and make it into a little 'cycling booklet' or zine (you choose the title) which you can sell to raise funds
Nur, 3 Jun

Only Wise King Kev can come up with such philosophical and poetical quote. And only he can write in brief and concise statements ... see if there's anyone who can best Wise King Kev at Cycling Philosophy 101.
Jeannie L, 17 May

must be ubersexual or metrosextual to be so sensitive ...
SH Chew, 17 May

Just read your post about going back to BT again ... once it's rained heavily a bit ... the course at BT becomes a bit treacherous ... It's the biggest reason why a lot of serious roadies who try BT quit after a while ...
Chwee, 10 Apr

I just read your little diary :) Don't be disheartened ... Perhaps you should lay off the BT trails for another month or two, and not think about racing ...
Nur, 9 Apr

... Read the Haiku and it is great ...
RebelXH, 20 Mar

... Hope you're not badly injured! Read your blog ... quite funny actually, even though am sure we all sympathise with you! ...
Ling the Merciless, 20 Mar

Ahhh I like it loads :) ...
MSH, 7 Mar

Great write and ride on Saturday! Could always count on you to find out what I missed on the Saturday swctrydz ...
Jeannie L, 6 Feb

I saw your website long before I posted on the forum. You're like, my idol! lol! ...
MSH, 30 Jan

Thanks for the inspiring ride report, which I took my time to read to savour it all the more ...
RA, 12 Jan

... The bikelog is great ...
VC, 5 Jan

As usual I am enjoying reading your bike log and keep smiling from ear to ear during office hour. My colleague must have thought that I am crazy but only bikers can understand each others experience.
AJ, 4 Jan

Well done sir ...
pigpen_pat, 4 Jan

It was very interesting to read your account of your trip ...
pongeesponge, 3 Jan

Really impressed with your bikelog! ... Thank you for putting up such a detailed bikelog!
WJ Sim, 2 Jan


Enjoyed reading your bike log very much!
AJ, 16 Dec

Hi, I'm a fellow biker and like to read your website! ...
GY Gao, 11 Dec

Nice report. Thanks for sharing.
Rama A, 13 Oct

... Keep the motivating travel blogs coming.
Keith N, 12 Oct

we are all so caught up with everyday's routine, work, kids and all seems like forever ... your bikelog reminds me that i still do have a dream to full-fill ... Bike Touring :) thank you
Dave L, 28 Sep

Like your blog ... I didn't read in its entirety, but I'm guessing you're not married (or have any kids?) ... You've clocked up quite a bit of serious mileage in the past few years ... I'm really impressed with that.
Chwee C, 27 Sep

... went to your website. Very heartfelt, meaningful, excellent!
Serena H, 25 Sep

Nice meeting you too! Haha... how not to recognise someone who has put in so much effort in getting up such an excellent bike log, kudos to you indeed ...
Maggie L, 12 Sep

Came across your bikelog while googling on some bike stuffs. I must say wow you're very experienced!! ...
WS Zhang, 2 Sep

... You are the one who inspired me with your bikelog. Did I tell you that you write really well, from the depth of your heart! and so philosophically, too!
Jeannie L, 22 Aug

I've read your report........ very good...luv it!!! ...
Nur, 26 Jul

i like your pics and the way you write. seldom chance upon prose of your type with no vulgar language and sms language (ok i m guilty of tat myself) in a blog ...
Joanne K, 26 Jul

nice webpage u got there, documented everything during the trip.
NKJ, 26 Jul

... think you are kind of "famous" in the local biking arena ... : )
HCK, 7 Jul

Hei... I finally went into your bikelog ... NICE!! and thanks for mentioning the pink sling bag... *_*
Nur, 28 May

... I am really impressed by the fact that though you are not those roadie you still go for such long distance riding ... Thanks for your wonderful wesbite. Keep the passion of cycling burning.
Kueky, 5 May

I scanned through your site. it's wonderful ...
RebelXH, 11 Apr

... wonderful blog ...
HL Huang, 28 Mar

... Your website has been a source of inspiration for me to start planning my own trip to malaysia ...
Gabian C, 26 Mar

Really needed an escape today and found refuge in bikelog.
ES Tan, 23 Mar

... I really enjoyed reading ...
WL Koh, 21 Mar

... Thanks very much for your bikelog, it's been an interesting read for all of us! ...
Lianne T, 21 Mar

... good write....and a worthy ride too?
Dennis W, 19 Mar

Interesting bikelog you have. Thanks for sharing. You're a pretty much experienced and very adventurous bike tourer/tourist yourself ...
Nur, 17 Mar

yours' a great bikeblog written with love. thanks for referring to me as a 'little shepherd girl'.
BY, 17 Mar

Hey you have been/are doing what I've always dreamt of doing man! That's so cool. And the way to you write those adventures in your blog is really cool and inspiring. Keep it up man, you simply rock ...
Ryan R, 17 Mar

I do enjoy your commentaries. Keep it up. I even warrant a mention with my bad knee!! ...
Chris P, 16 Mar

I was reading some of the accounts of your trips...awesome stuff, dude. I am impressed.
Vivek C, 21 Feb

I love your bike life man, you are my biker idol man!!!!!!!!!!
Desmond L, 28 Jan

... great read!
Maxxevv, 16 Jan

Your website is really great, and I think this is because of your great writing! ...
Eric K, 12 Jan

Awesome account of yr AWESOME 1500km ride to thailand!! WOW! Really enjoyed reading your trip report and keep it up!
Keith N, 2 Jan

... Can't wait for the next part of the journey in your log.
SG, 2 Jan

Horseman, this embodies what many of us look for in the cycling lifestyle, yet seldom if ever have the commitment to do. My metaphorical hat's off to you!
River, 1 Jan

... I'm really enjoying the travelog, keep writing! Keep reminding us why Malaysia can be such a great place to ride, sometimes we forget or take it for granted.
pigpen_pat, 1 Jan


Hey R2L, been meaning to drop you a note. Checked out your website and cycle logs etc a few weeks ago. Good stuff! I should aspire to be like you in that you're concise and to the point. I am often too long-winded and can't resist going into the irritation of my brother. Anyway, I enjoyed reading what you put up and definately your insight into riding and how you relate it to living in general.
Katek_Cantek, 29 Nov

horseman...can i join u for yr long or longlong rides? reading yr bikelogs make me feel so useless...hahaha
CW Tay, 16 Nov

... God bless u and your fellow long-dist riders.
Viper_10, 13 Nov

... interesting read. You must be 'crazy' to do all the things you do. each his own. As long as you enjoy the ride ... :)
Winnie K, 19 Oct

... Just wanna say am really very inspired by your trip reports and it just makes me wanna go get my own set of wheels soon! :) ...
Lilian F, 9 Oct

I ... came across the mention of your biking exploits. Your weblog kinda reminds me of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance ...
Philip T, 28 Sep

... I think your site looks pretty good. Honestly. Nice sense of space, and the cardinal rule - keep it simple ... I like the approach - thoughtfull. You always need a spin on things, and you have a good one. Keep going, keep developing it.
Mr Pumpy, 25 Sep

great website! Had a fun time reading it..Im so impressed!
Anna N, 27 Aug

Another long ride for you. Sounds pretty interesting. Where next?
Tim, 25 Aug

Your trip sounded like a pretty good experience Horseman. Thanks for the write-up. It seems that you're one of the ToGoParts biggest adventurers.
Ben W, 24 Aug

Thoroughly enjoyed your site ... chanced upon it only because I was searching "Mt Emily" on google, and got so fascinated by some of the rides u did.
Zacchaeus B, 12 Jul

I loved your account of the race! Great stuff! Nice pun on "Sore Loser"...
Ling the Merciless, 8 Jun

Been to your site. Hey, you write very well.
John L, 23 Mar

u are 1 cycling enthusiast horseman......adding page to favourites folder
IamnotFAT, 15 Mar

I like your web-site - there's lots of interesting and motivating stuff there!
Ben W, 15 Mar

wow I really love your life cycles you wrote very well it sound very lively
Victor W, 25 Feb

... wah horseman u have a nice website ...
dinorider, 17 Feb

... i've booked-marked your blog to read for inspiration!!
Keith N, 14 Jan

Hi Horseman ... I have bookmarked your site, read bit by bit every day. Damn enjoying. Thanks for the info. Please ride safely. Cheers 101%.
Fatal, 9 Jan

I read your trip report in its entirety after you uploaded it. I like your perspectives. I also like the history of CPM ... I suppose a trip like the one you had just made is always an eye-opener ...
Liem SL, 7 Jan

Good to hear you had a good and safe ride. You are now a well seasoned cyclist. Welcome to the club ...
Alan F, 7 Jan

Excellent Horseman, great adventure!! ...
Stabilo, 7 Jan

Thanks for puting up a excellent review of your long ride from Singapore to South Thailand ... you have set some sort of benchmark for riders who may wanna take up the same challenge. You have a good break down of the costs and thanks for puuting up the list of hotels. It's an excellent guide for the future. Thank You for the inspiration.
Ganman, 6 Jan

Reads like an epic! Especially your night's stay in Pekan. Sounds like you had fun. Glad that you didn't get struck by lightning ;-)
Joe A, 6 Jan

Looks like you had a fantastic ride. Wish I could have done the ride with you ... Lovely write up. Like your style of penmanship!
Andy D, 6 Jan

Interesting and inspiring. Much like a road-trip on self discovery
Genie, 6 Jan

... I have seen people do much less but trumpet their achievements louder. Yours is a factual, interesting log that almost belittles the thousand kilometers that rolled under your wheels.
r32, 6 Jan

Welcome back, safely, albeit with sore bums.
Wild Cat, 6 Jan

Horseman, enjoyed reading your log - not completely, but just parts of it. The piece on thoughtful cycling was interesting.
HS, 6 Jan


Your passion for riding and the excellent writing made reading it very enjoyable (and inspirational!!) for me! I especially liked sections on the Malaysian "expeditions"!
Keith N, 6 Dec Nov

... it's inspiring to read abt your cycling trips ...
Tan KL, 17 Nov

luv your blogs.. keep them coming
mitaimak, 16 Oct

i have not spent so much time reading an article in such a long time. it is brilliant.
DrEaM, 16 Oct

loved your eye for detail. quite remarkable ...
Mona Lisa OD, 15 Oct

Seen your webpage, its just great in fact i'am amazed at the long rides you guys go for ...
Jonathan T, 15 Oct

Thank U so much for your contribution of write-up. It's nice ...
Shaharin BW, Knights of The Round Table, 13 Oct

I saw your website and was suitably impressed with your rides.
Lim TL, 8 Oct

Interesting website ... I must say you make riding a bike sounds really interesting!
Pua GW, 1 Oct

Good bike log
Lioe KS, 23 Sep

wow... u really ON when it comes to bike log.
Lee EK, 22 Sep

Very philosophical ... Great thoughts there.
Greg Y, 2 Sep

... thank YOU for the bike log. I enjoy reading your pieces ...
Liem SL, 2 Sep

your bike log entries are funny. keep doing it.
Andy D, 18 Aug

great log of all your rides....very comprehensive .... very interesting read ... good write im getting inspired to start my own .... i hope i will ...
Choon W, 16 Jul

... am one of those inspired by Kevin's blog and started my own after a while.
Bernard S, 16 Jul

Chanced upon your site ... very interesting and so true ... Hope to see more of your thoughts.
Katherine L, 16 Jul

How come only today I found out your website have a guestbook all along ... Drop in to say: Continue the good write up!!
Gentle Giant, 10 Jul

Saw your your thoughts!
Christine Y, 8 Jul

Nice blog!
Ray N, 4 Jul

hee hee your website very thought-provoking eh. hmm, very good give you 10 stars or A1 u pick!
Serena H, 1 Jul

I checked out your website. Funny. It is so you ...
Edmund L, 21 Jun

... you have a great website, keep it up! I like your thoughts. Sometimes we are so caught up with our panting and our spinning that we forget to experience and enjoy the world around us.
Nik H, 25 May

... your log is interesting ...
Ranjith W, 23 May

Just wanna say you've got a great website. A very simple, no-frills one, but your passion for biking really shows through. :-) Quite inspiring for people like me, who only think but don't really ride ...
Joey, 7 May

... great website ...
Bob, 28 Apr

I really enjoy reading your bike log cos' the way you describe is so passionate and imaginative!
Lim SH, 25 Feb

... You have a good write-up abt biking at your webpage ...
Gentle Giant, 3 Feb

... you write well. Not many cyclists document their rides in such detail.
Alan F, 3 Feb

I read your web page and it struck a chord ...
Liem SL, 24 Jan

What an interesting read of your passion for cycling ... yes it feels good to be cycling with the wind ... just like you are born free ...
Jamie F, 24 Jan