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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Two good to be true?

Yio Chu Kang, 41 km. It's evening. I'm so tired, I have three cups of tea before I head out. I discover two loops today, each about two km long. Two loops, two km. I like.

Loop 1 is secluded, with broken road at one end and a tarred road sprinkled with fine gravel at the other. Zero traffic in between. All I have for company is a lone sentry. He stands silently, not moving. Even the fan in the guard house is still.

Loop 2 is in an industrial area. There are occasional heavy vehicles ahead, but the road is wide.

It is only when I head home that there is a near miss. Or rather, a near hit. The taxi driver didn't even slow down as he shot out from the slip road, nor did he spare a glance when I yelled. Life of a cyclist is like a bug's life, it may end on a windscreen.

A secluded road beside an industrial park. An industrial park safe for cycling. This country isn't Marin County, but there's some cycling to be had. Don't accept the status quo, keep looking, elsewhere if need be. And a bug can have fun.

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