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Saturday, August 17, 2013


Woodlands, 49 km. How should I tag this ride? I want to run instead so this isn't "cycletherapy". But I should train for next month's charity ride so should this be "training"?

It'd rained so hard, water was coming through my windows. At journey's  start, there's a string of red lights at every junction. Hours after the rain stopped, the roads are still wet. I cycle through a cloud - of insects. I feel them on my face and wonder how many I inhale.

On a whim, I try a different route. Initially quiet, it filled with roaring, speeding traffic within seconds. I turn into a quiet residential estate and almost crash head-on with a Mercedes SLK; the driver had behaved inappropriately with a four-letter word: "stop".

This kind of missing, I can cope with.

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