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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sign of the times

Mar distance: 45 km (what? this is the only ride in Mar?!)

Sengkang, 45 km. I'm stewing in my juice. "Sky juice" isn't raining from the sky. Instead, sunshine is pouring down. So, to the outdoors I escape.

My chain is clean. Really clean. Instead of using a toothbrush and solvent, I'd dug out my Park Tools "Chain Gang", which had laid abandoned and forlorn for so, so long. It's done its job so well, my drive train feels so, so different.

I thought that cycling would cleanse me, just as the Chain Gang had cleaned my chain good as new. But that's not to be.

Troubled thoughts keep pace with me, though I've got to keep my wits up and eyes open on the traffic.

On a whim, I turn into a road with a "dead end" sign. It used to be a dead end, but no longer. Yes, the sign is still there, but things have changed, permanently. Sometimes, it makes sense to ignore the signs? On the other hand, if the sign turned out to be right and the road was a dead end, it's no big deal.