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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Right as rain?

Woodlands, 59 km. So, the bad news has been delivered twice, over two consecutive weeks, with me at the receiving end on both occasions.

When it stops raining, I cycle. Barely 1 km later, torrential rain falls. Bah. I stew in my juice at a block of flats. I tweak my rear derailleur until I'm satisfied. Ah, the pleasure of hearing a soft click instead of loud clunk when the gear shifts.

And I get to ride today despite the rain. It feels great to be able to slice through the air, with cool mist shrouding me. Even the spray from my fat tyres is part of the pleasure. To be able to move, to have freedom, is great.

The weather, like life, can change so fast. Scorching hot in the morn and noon, then dark clouds swoop in and engulf the blue sky. But the sun will shine again. Or perhaps, it's already shining somewhere you're not looking?

PS: only 1 close call on the road today.

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