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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Woodlands, 63 km. I usually don't cycle so soon after an expedition, but I do want to get my bicycle fixed and clear my head. I pass bikeshop man a front derailleur I'd found in my storeroom. He says its compatible, breaks the chain, installs it then goes "huh". Incompatible. He reads my mind that I don't want to break the chain again, nor do I really want to reinstall the previous, worn-out-and-rattling front d. He digs up a second hand front d and sells it for half price. He adjusts the rear d and makes it worse.

It shifts well on the stand but not on the road, under load. I ask if the rear d hanger is bent. He uses a long tool for precise adjustment and alignment. Soon, all is well. The rattling chain is gone. The rear d shifts well, like a hot knife cuts through butter - effortless, soundless. The occasional clunk when I pedal still happens, but mostly it is smooth sailing. It feels so good, when things are aligned.

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