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Saturday, April 28, 2012

House call

Apr distance: 665 km

Kranji, 67 km. I make a house call to check three marvelous Marins: steel frames, threaded headsets and cantilever brakes. At least, they were marvelous once. Now, they are coated in rust and dust. I diagnose but what ails them most is not user serviceable. I end my toil, pack my tools, drop them at home and rush to beat the sunset and blow off cobwebs in my head.

I end up cycling on a trail in the dark, with cobwebs in my face. With ghostly green blinkers, I'm not exactly well-equipped.

A loud rustling helps me understand the meaning of "heart in my mouth". But my darkness in Darwin has made me fear-less. Now, as then, I am glad to see street lights again though.


Terence said...

Very interesting post.

Horseman said...

Hi Terence, thanks for visiting. Was it the retro bicycle paragraph you found interesting, or that someone would cycle in the dark, on a trail, with trees everywhere, using highly inappropriate lighting :p