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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hard feelings

Woodlands, 54 km. Things which are unseen, like feelings, can be more powerful than what is seen. Just as invisible molecules of air can lift an Airbus 380 or float a space shuttle back to earth. Or tear through cities as a typhoon. Feelings can immobilse, or it can move things.

When feeling gets too hard, at least I can ride. The rain stops, my ride starts. I drop by the old Bottle Tree Village; I've read the restaurant is closed and the people gone. The huge bottle tree is gone too - all that's left is a huge circular patch of churned earth where the tree once stood.

Once, the ceiling fans whirled to create a breeze. Now, the fans whirl in the breeze that blows in from the coast. Some day soon, this place will be flattened. What will appear in its place: flats?

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