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Sunday, January 15, 2012

To claim or not to claim

Mandai, 46 km. My first local ride this year. A roadie, a stranger, is my companion for a while. Sometimes I'm ahead of him, sometimes he's ahead of me. Being polite, he points out dangers on the road to me: a sewer grate here, an uneven patch of road there. I ride roughshod over them on my fat tyres. When a taxi cuts me off at a junction, he lets go an expletive.

I cycle today partly to see if my bicycle is ok after flying four hours back home from Taiwan. Have the baggage baboons done anything to it? Not this time; no new holes in the bicycle box, but who knows? The ride confirms the bicycle is ok. But my camera, with a growing black patch on its LCD, is not ok. To claim insurance, I need to get a repair quote, which costs money but is not claimable. With the quote, and an explanation of how my camera got damaged, the insurer will assess whether my claim succeeds, and if so, to what extent. If it pays, it may reduce my claim taking into account wear and tear. My camera is only 1.5 years old. Poor thing!

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