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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spooked by the light

Mandai, 44 km. It rains so hard today, there are flash floods. The rain seems to fall horizontally, splashing into my home too. Hours after the rain stops and the road is rather dry, I head out. As I pass drains, I still hear water roaring.

I overtake a roadie. As I cycle along a winding road through the nature reserve at night, he closes the gap. It's just the two of us on this road. At least, I think it's him. All I can see as I glance back is a bright light that comes close and closer. Spooky. At a junction that connects to the main road, I filter out. When I look back, the light is gone. Hmm ...

It is almost midnight. I pass an army camp where someone is on sentry duty during the Chinese New Year period. Poor guy.

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