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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Monkey business

Jan distance: 135 km (excludes Taiwan trip)

Mandai, 45 km. Along the road comes a guy on roller blades, which is quite unusual. More unusual is, he's blading in the middle of the road - with ski poles to propel himself uphill. What happens if a car comes around the bend and bends him?

Along the road are monkeys. Some nitpick, others gambol all over the place. When cars stop, they perform for the car occupants. Or perhaps they are conducting experiments.

Firstly to elicit reactions from said occupants - what kind of occupants will throw food? Which kinds will sit and stare? Which kinds will photograph? Which ones will do all the above? Which ones will endanger other road users, like stopping suddenly at blind corners? Does car size, colour, make and number of occupants affect the results? Are there other variables?

Secondly, to elicit reactions from joggers. What kinds will hang back, which kinds will continue running? Does gender, size, type of running shoe make a difference? Are there other variables such as state of mind; how can these be measured?

Thirdly, to elicit reactions from cyclists. What would they do when they come across monkeys, cars and joggers? Does gender, type of bicycle and speed affect the results?

Bonus question: there is a packet of chewing tobacco on the road. Chewing tobacco is rarely seen in the streets, much less in the vicinity of a nature reserve. Is it litter, or is there an experiment to see if monkeys will be addicted to tobacco and/or get cancer?

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