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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ups and downs, good and bad

Woodlands, 60 km. While cycling in Timor Leste, a fellow sufferer said to me, "I hate downhills, because I know there'll be an uphill". A glass that's half full is half empty is the same volume of water. Given that same volume, do you label it "half empty" or "half full"? Depends on what you want to feel; to feel bad, call it half empty. To feel good, call it half full. In other words, let what you want to feel determine what meaning to assign to a fact. The volume of water is fact, half full/empty is opinion.

Recently, I was stabbed and shoved (metaphorically). I pushed back. Dominos fell. I was aghast, as if someone had gashed my bicycle frame. I also felt betrayed by the one I'd saved years ago; if I hadn't saved the person, that person wouldn't have been around to savage me, cost money and set off a chain reaction.

"How do you feel?" some ask. "It depends," I reply, "on what happens next." Now, I feel some relief as the future unfolds slowly. More bad things happen, as the chips fall. I lie awake - knowing it shouldn't be my problem anymore. And I make peace - in my heart - with the one who stabbed me

Today, I chase a truck on my fat tyres. 46.3 km/h. Some people would call it dangerous. I call it fun.

Blog counter crossed the 25,000 mark today. Thank you readers :)

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