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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wetter doesn't matter

Woodlands, 50 km. After suffering in Sarawak, I accidentally reset my cyclocomputer to zero. There goes tens of thousands of km on my odometer. Then I notice the sensor hangs by a bit of plastic and promptly breaks, which I superglue back. As I head out of home, the leg of my sunglasses snap off. And a lift door nearly slams into my bicycle. As I finally get on the road, the drizzle turns into a downpour so heavy, it goes "ting ting ting" on my bell. I cycle on anyway. Usually, I'd cuss the rain as I dislike getting wet. But since I'm wet from the word go, there's no need to avoid rain, which will wash off my sunblock and keep me cool. When you're already wet, wetter doesn't matter. I'm happy to be able to cycle today and get home in one piece notwithstanding the bus that pulls out when my rims and brake blocks are wet.


poker face said...

Ah... the thing that you resetted. Doesn't sound like you had a good day at all.

Horseman said...

Didn't start off well but I got to sleep well :p

When things go badly and get worse, it might be easier to get used to that sometimes. When I'm dry and get wet, that's bad. When I'm already wet and gets wetter, it might not matter that much :)