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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Almost empty handed

Changi, 71 km. I go shopping today at a shop that doesn't sell bicycles but rents them. They have a wide range of "cheap and good" accessories which regular bicycle shops don't have. When I reach the shop, what I came for is out of stock. "Come back in June", I'm told. I look also for a light light but the one with velcro comes only with red beam; the white one is - you guessed it, out of stock. I wonder if having more lights would save my life on the road, weeks after Ben Mok was wiped out from this world on a night ride. I visit bikeshop man and ask him if I need to change my chain. He measures it and says "no need". I see if there's something else I can buy. Not really. Just as I'm about to leave empty handed, my headset creaks. Badly. He removes it with some difficulty; it is rusted. He tells me it's a sealed bearing and replaces it. As he works, I point out the stem and tyres to him: "I got these from you seven years ago". So thus endeth shopping day.

Incidentally, bikeshop man is the sponsor of Singapore's first "ghostbike".

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