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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Overcast and sunny

Lim Chu Kang, 66 km. When I looked up at the sky last night, there were no twinkling stars. The sky was just gloomy and dark. This morning, it is overcast. Not cloudy, just a sheet of grey in the sky. I cycle anyway though I feel tired; I worked all day yesterday and get up at 5 am today, waiting for the sky to lighten up. It’s been a long week, I’m so tired I can’t sleep. My legs hurt, working long nights means my running is put off until Fri, which is apparently too close to riding day on Sun. Still I ride; past 50 km/h, my fat tyres roar with delight. While 9,000 cyclists ride in the south today, I head north. I see some pelotons of cyclists, which is usual. What’s unusual is a family of cyclists; papa, mama and three kids including one riding pillion. Further down the road, I see another family peloton. I wonder if they get bullied like I am, first by a motorcyclist then by a bus that tries so hard to bust me, I pull into the bus lane to avoid becoming a passenger in the bus.

Ahead, the grey hangs like a wet blanket in the sky. It may or may not rain, but where I am, the sun burns down. I'm glad to get home, to shower and fall into deep sleep.

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