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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Misinterpreted, missed adventure

Feb distance: 225 km

Changi, 72 km. I help a friend who’s organising a ride which is labelled “intermediate”. Over 30 people show up, including one who wobbles and swerves every few metres. I'm a sweeper. We barely cycle a few hundred metres when he crashes. Misadventure. By that time, everyone else is out of sight. He feels bad to hold us sweepers back and pulls out of the ride. I report this to the organiser, who replies that the ride is stated as “intermediate”. Perhaps, to that cyclist, "intermediate" meant being able to balance on a bike for a short distance. What a pity, spending time and money travelling all the way and renting a bike for a missed adventure. The rest of the ride has its excitement too, with people stopping to take photos and phone calls. It’s hard sweeping a ride like this, on winding park connectors. Several times we lose sight of the cyclists in front and don’t know which way to turn. Fortunately, no one gets lost or hurt. The two Hungarian kids who show up are real sports, no fuss from them. They cycle better than some of the adults.

Feb 2010 is the driest since Singapore's weather records started in 1869. It's hot, hardly any rain falls and one gets wet from sweat - but with a breeze as fast as one can ride, cycing is, well, a breeze :)

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