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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Going at Litespeed

Woodlands, 49 km. Today is my last ride in Singapore before my ride in Borneo a few days' away. Intense time at work has affected play. I intend today’s ride to be intensive training, to save time. Out on its maiden ride is Ritchey rim tape, which feels lighter than my Zefal, which requires glue to stick onto the rim. As I cycle on, I overtake a Litespeed on slicks. The race begins. Whenever I stop at traffic lights, the lights turn green just as Litespeed pulls up and he blazes past me. I sprint uphill to overtake and this goes on until he turns into another road. It takes me two minutes to catch my breath and I’m pretty much spent 1/3 into the ride. Not long after I get home, the rain lashes down for hours. What a fortunate turn of events. Until I discover, while packing, that my camera is dead.

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