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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Sembawang, 42 km. It's been overcast almost all day. I sneak out hoping the rain won't fall. I wander about, checking out the promising places I'd passed before. Everyone of them peters out. As I turn back on an abandoned road covered with dead leaves and branches, the ground shifts, my bicycle stalls and I fall gently - on broken glass. Fortunately, no blood is shed. Why would anyone put glass out in the wild? It's not like it's a dump. As dusk falls, the rain drops fall. I speed. Fortunately, it remains a drizzle. I also avoid a fountain of blood as I filter past two lanes that lead to an expressway. Like a miracle, the traffic just cleared in time for me to get in lane. Light rain and suddenly, light traffic. Wow ...


kisetsu said...

Hey, add some photos with each entry. It will greatly enhance our viewing pleasure. :-)

Talked to you halfway over FB & somehow you disconnected. Keep in touch ya! :)

Horseman said...

hey, thanks for reading

I usually don't ride with my camera. Especially not these days, when there's risk of camera drowning :p

now, if there's a camera sponsor :))