Cycling is like life. Cycling with no goal is meaningless. What meaning is there cycling in circles? Or living aimlessly? Meaning comes from direction and destination. Join me in my life's journey on a mountain bike :)

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Going cycling keeps me going

Woodlands, 57 km. It is overcast. It might rain. It might not. Should I stay in bed? I reluctantly get out to cycle and feel better. A hard ride is when I keep above cruising intensity most of the time. My legs strain and my water bottles drain. I get lost and end up cycling along uneven ground covered by grass, at 7 km/h before I see a hill. I ride up and see a road. Back to normal. I notice that when I strain, I get flu-like symptoms: nose runs, body aches, temperature probably rises. I might cough too, if I squirt water wrong into my throat. I see a guy pitch a tent beneath the noonday sun, a little girl plays by his side. He sees me, I nod, he smiles. What's that about, some output but what's the outcome? A little touch of humanity, I guess.

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