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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Two birds, a rock and a hard place

Changi, 59 km. The bird in the hand: annual year-end expedition. Bird #1 in the bush: marathon in Dec. Bird #2: 24-hour endurance charity ride in Nov. Rock: "did not start" (DNS) or "did not finish" (DNF) for Bird #1 which I've been training for most of the year. Hard place: DNS or DNF for Bird #2, where I aim to break my single-day distance record of 225 km, set in Nov 04, by doing a double American century (320 km). A DNS or DNF would be a blot on my record of 100% completion for all four foot races, 11 bicycle races, 6 charity rides and 5 "epic" rides. Tonight's training ride puts things in painful perspective: I've not recovered from my leg injury. Though I'm on slick tyres, I can barely keep up with a roadie going at 38 km/h. My leg hurts; it's only by varying ankle angle, and pulling my pedals rather than pushing down that I get home. Moral of the story: If I want everything, I may end up with nothing. Greed is greatly destructive. After all, sub-prime loans is about getting something from those who don't have enough to give, isn't it? Well, perhaps I could get something ...

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