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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Memory tricks

Sengkang, 36 km. Ignored memory: as I leave my house, I notice my gloves are off. I recall I said I'd never ride without my gloves, after I'd crashed and smacked my hands against the ground. Ouch. I ignore the memory; after a few years of cycling with gloves, surely I can do without them today. I crash. Lacerations on my leg. Strain on my wrist (I can't even squeeze my water bottle). Dopey look on my face. Unwanted memory: when you want to forget, but can't. I find this happens most with emotional pain, not physical pain. Forgotten memory: I pass my guru's home, and recall my last visit there, before he emigrated to Oz. Lasting memory: I recall how I cycled in this area at night, for "Rapunzel" moments. Pleasant memory: I finally meet bikeshop man who, since I met him six years ago, is now in his third location, having moved here a month ago. Postscript I usually cycle on Sundays. Why do I ride this Saturday, when traffic is heavier? Because I have a meeting tomorrow. At 7.30 am ...

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