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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shut the door

Changi, 64 km. I buckle my shoe. And shut the door. I'm sorry it turned out this way. I tried so hard to keep you going. Just as you kept me going, for every race. And every expedition so far, three times along the length of West Malaysia, in Indonesia, in Thailand and Laos. You were fuss free. Did I take you for granted? After 2007, I saw the cracks. How I tended to you. But the special care was too little, too late. Something happened to you on the inside. You weren't the same anymore. I wish it wasn't so. But since you broke away, what else can I do? I still think about you. You look better and I feel more comfortable with you. But your replacement performs better; I get at least another 2 km/h with her. Remember, you gave up first. So the new pair, with fibre glass, clads my feet, while you lie in the box that you came in. So long. Thanks for the memories.

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