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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Race against the rain

Admiralty Road West, 55 km. I amble on a gamble that it will not rain. I even (unusually) stop for lunch during instead of at the end of the ride. As I cycle home, for a moment, the road is clear. I admire how the trees arch over the road on either side, forming a green canopy. It looks misty in the distance. Then I realise the "mist" is rain that is coming closer. In moments, instead of the sun beating down, it is rain pelting down. I (unusually) stop at a bus stop instead of cursing my way on. Traffic roars and ants crawl past. Some of them look like spiders, with fat bulbous bodies. I marvel how the rain drops remain on my the surface of my new shoes instead of soaking in (this is the first time they are going offroad; they ride well). Within half an hour, the rain peters out. I lose the race against the rain this time, but the loss is not great. Sometimes, things aren't that bad even when they aren't what you expect.

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