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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Self-talk, self-torment

Mount Faber, 65 km (10 laps). My worn bicycle shoes still serve me well even though they are falling to bits. I bought a new pair, model "M", reluctantly this month. Reluctant, because I want model "RT" model, which is lighter. I buy M because odd sizes are left and new shipments will arrive in Singapore only in Dec. And it didn't seem likely that shops will carry RT since it is esoteric. But yesterday, I see RT. I don't regret buying M now, because it looks more robust than RT. All that buyer's remorse was unnecessary. Sure, RT looked good in the catalogue but believing it is better is to take as certain what is uncertain. Similarly, what is happening now in my life looks bad but who's to say it'll stay bad? Today, I intend to do 5 laps uphill but end up with 10. It helps that a stranger is at the top smiling and nodding each time I pass. And that's what encouragement does.

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