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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sweet vibration

Mandai Road, 44 km. I feel the sweet vibration of knobby tyres with my feet on the pedals. I'm rested after 10 hours of sleep and a 2-hour nap. Three roadies pass me and I fail to catch up, but I did catch up on sleep. I thought of struggling to arise but, instead of fighting hard against my body, I let it be. I still get to cycle, albeit in the afternoon after lunch. It is the easy way out, but doing things the hard way doesn't mean it'll be the right way. The hard way may be the easy way to not getting things done. Being deaf to what's going on can be dumb. I test my bicycle, feel another kind of vibration and visit bikeshop man to get it fixed - for free. Today, my wheels roll over the 39,000 km mark.

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