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Sunday, May 25, 2008


May distance: 341 km

Sun-Sun, 24-25 May: Surprises
Tanjung Piai, Johore, Malaysia, 220 km. This is the third time I've cycled to Tanjung Piai, but the first time I've stayed overnight. It's been more than a year ago since I cycled to western Johore. It's a journey of surprises. #1: a new row of shophouses, new roads and junctions. Sometimes, things don't change for a long time, but when they change, they change beyond recognition. #2: riding on knobbies is fun because they hum. I keep up with the "fixies" who can't coast; they pedal even when going downhill. But as time wears on, knobbies wear me out. #3: a bikeshop in Pekan Nanas (turn at the junction with the huge stone pineapple) that has Jamis, Da Bomb and Iron Horse bicycles. #4: an official at Singapore checkpoint who opens up a lane just for us six cyclists (we're among the first Singaporeans in Malaysia after the International Court of Justice rules on 23 May that Pedra Branca flies the crescent and five stars).

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