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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Highway to hell or stairway to heaven?

Mandai Road, 44 km. Explorers want to go there because it is there. Economic refugees want to go because where they come from sucks so much, it's worth the risk to get away, to get hope. Escapists just want to forget. But I remember being chased by a pack of dogs here, at Lorong Lada Hitam, years ago. Still, I hope they're no more there. I cycle on, until the road runs out, then I start riding beside a drain until I come across a stream that plunges into the drain. The water flows copiously, I wonder where it comes from. later on, I see a bird that reminds me of a kingfisher. It's hard to photograph it, when the sun is bright and there is no viewfinder. For a while, I escape.

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