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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Asleep, awake

Lor Halwa, 33 km. I'm asleep for 10 hours, awake to eat, then go back to sleep. One news report says it takes a week to recover from a cold. For me, a month is normal. At 3 pm, I start cycling; this late hour must be a personal record. Unlike cycling in the morning, I know that with a late start, the longer I ride, the cooler it gets. Awake, I ride into the land of the dead: Bukit Brown Cemetary. Some graves are meant for 2-3 people. One grave is particularly well-tended; it has to statues of Sikh guards by either side. Others fare less well, being swallowed by the undergrowth. Some must've disappeared, totally unseen, totally forgotten. Outside the cemetary, a man lies beneath a vehicle, working to bring it to life.

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