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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Neither here nor there

Tampines, 43 km. Indecisiveness is terrible. It's like chasing my own tail - all that effort, go nowhere and get nothing but nausea. The known unknown is: is there going to be a certain marathon? The known known: a 100 km mountain bike race. The unknown unknown: can I take part in the bike race and the marathon (if it takes place) while training only for the marathon, and finish both? To reduce the unknown, I check out the bike race route today. It's not an impossible dream, but it's possible I don't make it. Because I've been training only for the run; I don't have time or energy to train for both. I want the bird in the hand and the one in the bush. I might end up tangled in the bush with bird shit all over me and no birds, or I might be singing like a lark. Foolishness, ambition, foolish ambition ... thin line, thin ice ...

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