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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Confidence in confidence?

Apr distance: 237 km

Holland Plain, 40 km. A pack of dogs bark at me at Bukit Brown Cemetary but I ride past them as the people around somehow give me confidence that the dogs won't attack. If I were alone, I'd have turned tail at the mere sight of the beasts. Somewhere in Bukit Timah, there is a trail that leads to another land. The trail bends about 45 degrees to the right and tilts about the same angle up. Twice, I assault it and twice I fail. The bend scrubs speed off and the stones uphill stall me. When I'm up there, my confidence falters. If I am faster, I might've picked the right line. Since I'm not confident, I don't ride fast enough and sure enough, I fail. Or is confidence over-rated; such that no matter how much I try, the slope is unassailable? Well, two tries isn't enough, given the low cost of the assault.

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