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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wrong data

Goldhill Avenue, 44 km. For days, the weather forecast from one news medium says it will rain this afternoon. The forecast from the same source this morning says the same. I go about my life without cycling. But it rains not. It is hot. And so I cycle up hills again, going slow and steady to maintain pedalling form. The weather forecast from another news source says it will be photons that fall from the sky, not rain. It is more right than wrong. It finally rains at night, but I got wetter last night from my sweat when I ran to Whampoa and back. Now, I realise that after years of thinking that the weatherman is wrong, perhaps it's not the data that is wrong, but the data source I've been using. Right data comes from the right source. Surely there is only one meterological source in Singapore, so why is the report of the data different? Right data + wrong source = wrong data = wrong opinion + wrong action. The scary thing is, how often people rely on wrong sources.

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