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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Avoid darkness

Tampines Trail, 37 km. It looks crazy. For my first ride after I wash my bike, I cycle off-road beneath grey clouds. With the intelligence of a clod of earth, I end up in orange muck. With feet ala Donald Duck. And front brakes caked with clay. A deep trench cuts me off - a trench so deep and wide, it can swallow whole both man and bicycle. It's filled with water too. I find a way across, walking gingerly over a little "dam" of earth. All I wanted to do was see whether I should sign up for "Enduro 100" (100 km off-road race). Back on the proper trail, I don't fall since I avoid darkness like a moth, steering clear of where darkness signals pitfalls as clearly as a lighthouse signals. The 100 km route isn't ready. Nor am I. Think I'll just keep training for marathon. It's cleaner too; I don't need the services of jet spray so strong, the jet keeps the user upright as he leans into it to wash a lorry.

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