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Sunday, August 05, 2007

No more kampong "virgin"

Kampong Kaki Circuit, 75 km. I've heard so much about the circuit (which goes up hills seven times), it's worth getting up early to try it. Some veterans suggest I try it timed. Though this is my "virgin" ride on the circuit, I bite the bait and shoot off after the lead rider. While I'm sleeping, he catches the draft of a vehicle and drops me as he beats a traffic light. As the light turns against me, I'm fortunately awake enough to stop before four lanes of traffic roar into life. A couple more roadies overtake me as I'm out of position and have to stop at another light - and because I haven't been riding hard for four months. My time is 70 minutes and some seconds. The timekeeper asks if I'd like my timing posted online with my photo. "Yeah, with a bag over my head," I say. Well, there'll be a next time. Next time, I'll lighten my mountain bike a bit to even the odds against them road bikes, and hopefully I won't be making wrong turns again either.
Today is the first time I read with a new pair of "continuous wear for six days" lenses.

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